People who come to work with me are looking for some kind of change: perhaps for help to find relief from anxiety, or grief, or phobias, or perhaps to improve on some specific “performance,” such as for a job interview, or perhaps they just generally want improvement in their life overall. You’ve come to the right place – or at least a very good place – because often a client will find improvement when many other healing modalities, or even other hypnotists, have failed.

You may be surprised to discover for yourself that that it is possible to change in a way that’s deep, yet quick and effective as well.

My work as a hypnotist is generally short term, and targeted to help you change specific personal, unconscious behaviors, feelings, and choices within yourself that you tend to do “on automatic,” which can include:

  • anxieties, stage frights, phobias, etc.
  • habits, behaviors, and feelings of an automatic nature, (nail biting, etc.)
  • grief or or anger or other emotions that have become somehow habitual or problematic
  • physical and psychosomatic pain (with prior medical approval)
  • job interviews, exams, artistic performances, etc.
  • stop smoking or lose weight

If you have any further questions you can look here, or email me at to either book a free initial introductory 1/2 hour session (see sidebar), or to ask any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!